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Special Offer

Take Two & Get 5% OFF

Add to your shopping cart any two magento extensions or magento themes and automatically receive 5% off your cart subtotal.

* This offer excludes free extensions and themes, Plumrocket Inc solutions and magento services.
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Magento Solutions and Packages - 10% OFF

Plumrocket Magento Solutions are ON SALE - 10% Off
Rewards Program

Plumrocket Rewards Program Rules

Every registered user* is automatically enrolled in Plumrocket Rewards Program. You can earn Rewards Points on every purchase** from store.plumrocket.com account, automatically. Plus, you can earn points for writing reviews on purchased products. It’s that easy.

  • Earn 1 Reward Point for every* $1 you spend at store.plumrocket.com
  • Earn 10 Reward Points ($1 value) for each downloaded free magento extension at store.plumrocket.com. The rewards can be earned only once per free extension per customer account.
  • Earn 20 Reward Points ($2 value) for creating new account at store.plumrocket.com
  • Earn 100 Reward Points ($10 value) for every approved review you submit at store.plumrocket.com. Customers who submit a review for any Plumrocket extension at Magento Connect site (http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/developer/Plumrocket) should contact our tech support in order to receive 100 reward points.

Redeeming your Plumrocket Rewards Points

  • You can redeem 10 Rewards Points for every $1 at store.plumrocket.com on any product or service
  • No more than 1000 Rewards Points can be redeemed on one order.

* Please note that Plumrocket partners are excluded from Plumrocket Rewards program. Participation in both programs (partner program and reward program) is not permitted.
** Rewards Points cannot be earned from purchase of any Plumrocket Magento Service.