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  • Accelerated Mobile Pages is Magento extension that helps website content load significantly faster on all mobile and tablet device...
  • Magento ajax filter extension allows customers to filter products by different attributes without page refresh. Decrease bounce ra...
  • The Size Chart Magento Extension is an easy-to-use magento size chart plugin that will add to your store usability and positive...

  • Magento ajax add to cart extension will make it possible for your customers to add products to a mini shopping cart without reload...
  • Newsletter popup magento 2 extension helps merchants to increase email subscriptions and sales. This plugin allows to offer spe...

  • Email popup magento extension is aimed at collecting email addresses from users visiting your magento store. This plugin can be...


Featured Magento Solutions

  • Marketing Pro is a multifunctional package designed for those magento site owners who treat marketing seriously – the way...


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  • Magento Private Sales Script includes a set of six most important magento extensions for any private sale, sample sale or flash sa...


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  • Magento Loyalty Program Package is a superb combination of the two most popular Plumrocket extensions aimed at increasing custo...


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