Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension for Magento

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Magento Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension will convert your store into member's only shopping club. In constant development since 2011, this extension is the most reliable, finetuned, best-selling Plumrocket plugin to date. With this module you can create Private Sales, Flash Sales, Sample Sales, Daily deals and Limited time events with countdown timer on any existing or brand new Magento store. Display splash page, events and homepages, preview future events, generate newsletter templates and a lot more.
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Private Sales & Flash Sales Magento Extension

Key Features of Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension for Magento

At Plumrocket we are proud to introduce you the Magento Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension v3! Our company pioneered private sales for Magento back in 2011. Since then hundreds of clients were able to build successful ecommerce stores and become our valued customers for life. With the release of Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension v3 our company adds long-awaited support of any third party magento theme and completely redesigned codebase with lots of cool new features.

Create Exclusive Private Sale Events

Convert your Magento store into Private Sale site

Members Only Shopping

  • Convert your store into Private Sale site. Prevent public access to the site by greeting your visitors with custom looking “magento splash page” and hiding your exclusive member-only deals from non-members.
Create Private events for selected categories or products

Private Sale Events

  • Create Private events for selected categories or products on any existing or new Magento store. Only registered members will be able to access these private sale events.
Use Event Widgets to display events anywhere at your store

Catalog Event Widgets

  • Use "Event Widgets" to display active, upcoming or ending soon Private Sale & Flash Sale events on home page, category pages or other pages of your store.
Magento Flash Sale with Countdown Timer

Start Flash Sales with Countdown Timer

  • Schedule Flash Sale events for selected categories and products on any established or new Magento store.
  • Automatically start countdown timer (event ticker) and display products only after the Flash Sale started. Extension will automatically hide all event tickers after the sale ends.
  • When the flash sale is over, the extension allows to hide products, hide the “add to cart button” or keep displaying products but sell them at full price.
Magento Daily Deal

Promote Your Daily Deals

  • Create daily deal magento category with separate countdown timer for each product to start offering special savings to your clients.
  • Daily Deals, similar to Flash Sales, can be assigned to any new or existing product and run for a limited time only.
  • Generate quick revenue, acquire new customers, build positive word-of-mouth and liquidate excess merchandise with this "deal of the day" functionality.
Organize Events in Homepages

Organize Events on Homepages

  • Group events in “Homepages” for better user experience and easy navigation.
  • "Homepage" is a new Magento category display type with Flash Sales template on frontend.
  • You can have multiple Flash Sale homepages (e.g.: Women, Men, Kids, Gifts, etc..) or just one Flash Sale homepage category within your established store (e.g. “Sale” or "Flash Sale").
Preview Future Flash Sale Events

Preview Future Flash Sale Events

  • There is no need to guess how your pages will look during future sales. Just schedule future Flash Sale Event, upload products and hit “preview” button to browse your live website.
  • This nice feature is a must-have for any product management team or website owner.
Newsletter Template Generator for Events

Newsletter Template Generator for Events

  • Create your custom email templates and save your time with one-click newsletter generation tool.
  • Use flash sale newsletter templates with any email marketing service, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Dotmailer, Get Response, Benchmark Email, etc.
Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento themes

Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento themes

  • Magento Private Sales & Flash Sales was designed to work flawlessly on any third party magento theme. Whether it is your own custom theme or popular theme like Ultimo, Porto, Fortis, etc. – it supports them all.
  • Compatible with Community and Enterprise Editions of Magento 1 Ecommerce Platform.
Upgrade to Private Sales Package

Upgrade to Private Sales Package

  • Private Sales Package is our bestseller and the most complete Private Sales & Flash Sales solution on the market.
  • Used by hundreds of clients, this package (aka "Private Sales Script") is in constant development since 2011. It’s the most reliable and successful magento package from Plumrocket to date.
  • We at Plumrocket are proud to showcase some private sales sites in our portfolio.

Overview of Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension for Magento

Same as before, this new version of best-selling Private Sales Extension is cross-compatible with our complete solution - Plumrocket Private Sales Package where Plumrocket Private Sales Extension is included. This package features 6 most popular Magento extensions for any Private Sales & Flash Sales store as well as group discount and one free installation of all included extensions.

All Features:

  • NEW! Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension v3 is now Released!
  • Create Events (Private sales, Flash Sales, Sample sales, Daily deals and Limited time offers)
  • "Launching Soon" store mode allows to start collecting new membership registrations before the website goes live.
  • Admin can display different rotating background pictures on Splash Page during Weekdays or Holidays.
  • Event countdown timer will be displayed on Category & Product pages
  • Enable / disable Splash Page
  • Enable / disable user login & registrations on Splash Page
  • Create multiple home pages and assign different events
  • Schedule events for categories and single products
  • Ability to preview upcoming flash sale events in front-end by store admin
  • Generate Flash Sales Newsletter for Mailchimp and other email systems with built-in newsletter generation tool.
  • Easy upgrade to Magento Private Sales Package
  • Compatible with any third party magento theme (including popular themes like Ultimo, Porto, Fortis, etc.)
  • 100% open code magento extension