Inspiration Wall Extension for Magento

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Plumrocket Inspiration Wall Magento Extension is a unique Magento Social media extension to share and discover design inspirations from other design enthusiasts. It is a great Magento social plugin allowing your clients to upload photos of their product-ideas to your store, share and discuss them with other members. Our Magento Social media extension will let you create a public social mood board and increase sales.

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Inspiration Wall Magento Extension

Overview of Inspiration Wall Extension for Magento

Plumrocket Inspiration Wall Magento Extension is a proven tool for making your store more social media integrated. Research has it that more than 50% of all new membership sites members daily come from social shares via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, and email. This Magento social plugin will let them fully enjoy the opportunities an Inspiration Wall can give.

With Magento Social media extension from Plumrocket.com your customers will find it really easy to add their favorite design inspirations. A membership site owner will also benefit from the advantages that come with any social media platform being added to the store marketing strategy – increased traffic and sales with increasing numbers of new clients driven by inspiration.

Plumrocket Inspiration Wall Magento Extension works well with Plumrocket Faves and Live Feed Extensions making key information about the faved product automatically brought over to the inspiration wall including the description, tags, sharing options, and counts of how many times it has been viewed, faved, and commented on.


  • NEW! Added built-in template support of world's best selling Magento themes: Magento RWD, Ultimo, Shopper, Fortis, Blanco, BuyShop, Acumen, Milano, Black & White, Trego, Venedor
  • NEW! Flexible image cropping allows customers to remove unwanted areas from a photo. Admin can define default image crop size in the backend.
  • NEW! Upload multiple images with each inspiration. Every picture has its own title and description.
  • Customer can add design inspirations by uploading pictures from their PC or straight from Google Images
  • Visitors can view inspirations of all site users or only personal inspirations on personal page
  • Personal inspiration pages are unrestricted and can be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • It is possible to preview product-ideas in inspiration gallery in three different view modes (small, medium and large images)
  • The system allows you to browse inspiration by popular tags, trending tags and by color
  • Customers can view random inspirations or search on inspiration wall
  • Customers can add product ideas to favorites, like them with facebook, pin with pinterest or add facebook comments
  • The system lets your clients buy "inspirations" if inspirations are products from your store previously added with faves (requires Plumrocket Faves extension)
  • Clients can edit their own inspirations and mark other users' inspirations as inappropriate helping site admin to keep inspiration wall clean
  • Admin has full control over Inspiration Wall. He can edit inspirations, mark them as inappropriate, set default status of new inspirations, edit tags, etc..
  • 100% open code magento extension