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Plumrocket Inc. is a high quality Magento Development and Web Design company from New York, USA. Established in 2008, Plumrocket has been in a unique position to provide unparalleled customer support. The combination of our services, pricing, friendly way of conducting business, and compassionate corporate philosophy is very unique in today's business world.
Recent Reviews
Returns and Exchanges (RMA) Extension for Magento 2
"I find this extension useful from the start. We needed one place to do it all. This plugin added the features into various places of our Magento, and exactly where it's required. We've set up our own set of rules, conditions, reasons specific for our online shop (i..."
Mark Wolfsen
Magento Marketing Pro Package
"Plumrocket has been consistently offered great support when needed. All of their extensions (that I've purchased over the years) work as anticipated and in fact typically awesome. For instance, the BannerPro extension can place banner images or HTML banners anywher..."
David Radovanovic
I'm using it on: www.rsci.com
Newsletter Popup Magento Extension
"The Newsletter Popup extension from Plumrocket has been exceptional. The integration was simple and it wasn't long before I had customized a template for my needs. The metrics shown within the extension adds greater transparency as I clearly see the number of engag..."
Daniel Clarke
I'm using it on: www.iamstyleicon.com
Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension
"This is my go to search enhancement extension for M1 - it retrurns better search results than the stock Magento search with the added benefit of categories and cms pages returns in the search suggest box. Definitely would recommend"
martin toner
I'm using it on: www.thelingeriestoreuk.com www.industrialclutch.com www.frictiontechnology.co.uk
Newsletter Popup Magento Extension
"The newsletter extension that came with the theme was not working so I bought this extension. Once the web designer added it to my website it was working perfectly fine. Plumrocket is the best extension company because of their quick support and quality extensions...."
Lana Solange
Popup Login Magento Extension
"HI. I bought this extension on behalf of my customer. Everything worked well, installation was easy and extension does what developer promised. I like the way pop up is showing, and rich configuration. Best Regards Paul Jordan"
Paul Jordan
I'm using it on: urbanmonkey.com
Twitter & Facebook Login Extension for Magento 2
"Great plugin, great documentation. The only obstacles/dicifulties I encountered was on facebook's app configuration, but they were resolved. All in all very satisfied by this plugin. Thanks for the hard work! I apreciate it."
Mut Marian
Reward Points Magento Extension
"I purchased this extension at the weekend and it took around 30 minutes to install and configure to my magento store. It's an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great way of rewarding your customers. "
Tom Shelley
I'm using it on: www.nendoworld.com www.middlerealm.com
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"I used their services for some modification at extension Facebook login The extension works well.I use it on 3 website and don t have any problem I will sure buy more extensions from PlumRocket Highly recommend this module !"
Mihai Vlad
I'm using it on: charm.ro www.allurestore.ro cameliavlad.ro
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"When I've had technical issues that required I purchase support hours, Plumrocket has been tremendously quick and efficient with fixing any issues. I find this option to be very convenient and affordable."
Brian Heying
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