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Plumrocket Inc. is a high quality Magento Development and Web Design company from New York, USA. Established in 2008, Plumrocket has been in a unique position to provide unparalleled customer support. The combination of our services, pricing, friendly way of conducting business, and compassionate corporate philosophy is very unique in today's business world.
Recent Reviews
Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension
"This is my go to search enhancement extension for M1 - it retrurns better search results than the stock Magento search with the added benefit of categories and cms pages returns in the search suggest box. Definitely would recommend"
martin toner
I'm using it on: www.thelingeriestoreuk.com www.industrialclutch.com www.frictiontechnology.co.uk
Estimated Delivery Date Magento Extension
"Great communication and delivery of product. I'm still fairly new to the product but like what I've seen so far. I will be looking at other products.. I did have an issue with the format of my date, they worked quickly to resolve the issue and I had actually creat..."
N Whiteley
I'm using it on: www.highglossfurniturespecialists.co.uk
Magento Private Sales Package
"Working with Plumrocket has been a great experience, even better than we had hoped. When we first contacted Plumrocket we still had quite a bit to learn about web development and private sales in general. However, since before we even began our project, their team..."
Mike L.
I'm using it on: buckstonecreek.com
Returns and Exchanges (RMA) Extension for Magento 2
"This RMA extension is perfect for all returns need of an e-commerce site. It's easy to use and has all the features you will need. I was able to set it up very easily on my store and have it running right away. Excellent product over all."
Hector Carmona
I'm using it on: www.goodsash.com
Ajax Cart Magento Extension
"Purchased this to replace another more basic ajax add to cart as the features looked far superior. And we weren't disappointed. We did have some issues with the extension running on our store but the developers rose to the occasion and sorted everything out for ..."
Calum Roberts
I'm using it on: www.giftscentral.co.uk
Coming Soon & Maintenance Page Extension for Magento 2
"I had a global variable issue on our server which conflicted with this extension and their support team re-worked the code to accommodate. They went above and beyond and the extension is working perfectly! For us it is a much more eloquent solution to Magento's b..."
Nathaniel McCoy
I'm using it on: www.oasisoutdoorstore.com
Magento Speed Optimization Service
"Thank you very much for the work done. so far, our website is faster than before although we may need to switch a better server.. I can say the Plumrocket's service satisfy me and make me pretty happy. I believe my customers will be happy too. So far, they are s..."
Hongwang Du
I'm using it on: http://www.achemblock.com/
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Extension for Magento 2
"best extension & support, this extension is best for magento amp. Also the fantastic work of Plumrocket! They have a very fast service and support! Kind and friendly Thank you for amp! Keep up this very good work!"
Jerry Chen
Twitter & Facebook Login Magento Extension
"Gostei muito, só gostaria que o preço do PRO fosse mais barato. I liked it very much, I would only like the price of the PRO to be cheaper."
Tiago França
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Magento Extension
"First rate code module support, great response time and code quality. Implemented their modules as promised and resolved conflicts with other code my site (unrelated to them) almost instantly. AMP module works perfectly "
edward Burton
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