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Plumrocket Inc. is a high quality Magento Development and Web Design company from New York, USA. Established in 2008, Plumrocket has been in a unique position to provide unparalleled customer support. The combination of our services, pricing, friendly way of conducting business, and compassionate corporate philosophy is very unique in today's business world.
Recent Reviews
Size Chart Extension for Magento 2
"Yes, Plumricket Size Chart extension is really working very fine! I've tried another size chart before, but it did not display properly. Thanks to your update, I was able to upgrade my website from M1 to M2. Thanks!"
Noriyuki Kobayashi
I'm using it on: www.zenvava.com
Order Status & Shipping Tracking Magento Extension
"Good Extension , it gives you the option of tracking order status by order and email as well as tracking the package as a frame in my branded site. Extension works well in CE version You'll love it. "
sahil jain
I'm using it on: novadab.com
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"I´ve contacted the Plumrocket support team and they have answer to my support request within 24h. They've solved the issue and their answer is really well documented. I´m very proud to count on their support."
Juan Carlos Navarro
I'm using it on: www.playfulracing.com
Popup Login Magento Extension
"Finally we found an extension that helps us easy to convert visitors to customers. Strongly recommend this extension to all the e-commerce websites, save money for marketing. The Plumrocket team also answered all my question and help me with the customization. "
Ivan Stoev
I'm using it on: drtrendy.com
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"My experience with Plumrocket has been very good. We purchase a few of their extensions for our Magento EE version installation. Their communication and follow ups were on point, and they worked out many conflicts with Varnish and other extensions.All in a..."
Alex Berretta
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"When I have specific tasks with deliverables, i always come back to plum rocket because they will advise me on what i'm trying to complete. They're fast and reliable. They understand when a task is urgent."
wendy williamson
I'm using it on: www.prepeeinspired.com
Cart Reservation Magento Extension
"I have been using Plumrocket's Magento Cart Reservation for a few months now and have been quite happy with it! It worked out the box with no issues and the default styles look professional enough that I did not feel the need to make any major customizations to ..."
John Keeter
I'm using it on: www.fibercrafty.com
Advanced Promotions Magento Extension
"We had created many promotion rules over the day in a hard way. Magento does not provide a better maintaince mode. Looking for a solution we found Advanced Promotions here and we are so glad to tell this helps our days. Import / Export is the most used feature sav..."
Rafael Patro
I'm using it on: www.tocadoverde.com.br www.larpsi.com.br
Magento Marketing Pro Package
"Plumrocket has been consistently offered great support when needed. All of their extensions (that I've purchased over the years) work as anticipated and in fact typically awesome. For instance, the BannerPro extension can place banner images or HTML banners anywher..."
David Radovanovic
I'm using it on: www.rsci.com
Magento Loyalty Program Package
"I think this is an excellent product, the best on the market of it's type for sure. Also, I had a few technical questions once I had installed it and Vadim at Plumrocket was most impressive at answering my questions. Not just a 'thanks we have your money now' like..."
Andrew Craig
I'm using it on: www.twelo.com
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