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Plumrocket Inc. is a high quality Magento Development and Web Design company from New York, USA. Established in 2008, Plumrocket has been in a unique position to provide unparalleled customer support. The combination of our services, pricing, friendly way of conducting business, and compassionate corporate philosophy is very unique in today's business world.
Recent Reviews
Reward Points Magento Extension
"Built-in very well with the customized membership programs. Customers can see what they earned, and knows how to convert them well as long as clear instructions and advantages are shown. Many have used it to great extend."
Kelwin Chandra
I'm using it on: kimofficial.id
One Step Checkout Magento Extension
"A wonderful one step checkout extension to enhance the customer experience. The support team works very well to make extension compatible with other third-party extensions. Fast and excellent. Thank you! "
muhannad qamhiyeh
I'm using it on: hoon.ps
Popup Login Magento Extension
"This extension was easy to install and works perfectly. Seems like something Magento should've implemented as a default feature. Admin features are great and works seamlessly with the Social Login extension provided by PlumRocket. Highly recommend. "
Sean Krenztman
I'm using it on: fsfs.cf
Pay as You Go - Support Service
"I'm very satisfied and highly recommend Plumrocket. Although I've been working with other Magento developers, only Plumrocket was able to resolve my request. Sales person was never late to reply to my message. Their skills and knowledge are also incredible."
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Magento Extension
"Easy to install and configure. The extension works flawlessly and 100% as advertised. The support folks were just as great as the extension. I had one request and they solved my problem perfectly. Thank you so much for this great extension and great custome..."
Jim Zygmunt
I'm using it on: bestgiftbasketswithstyle.com
Newsletter Popup Magento Extension
"We used to have a service that cost us over $100 a month that provided the newsletter popup for our site. This extension did exactly the same thing and creating new popups is even easier than the service. Saved us money and time. It doesn't get any better than that..."
Bill Daniels
I'm using it on: marcusuniforms.com mydevfactory.com www.mydevfactory.com
Size Chart Magento Extension
"Hi All We had been selling one brand of apparel and not doing our sizing very well then went to list another brand. The brands used different sizing systems and we wanted some size charts available without taking item description space but be available in the pro..."
Andrew Rich
I'm using it on: www.budjik.com www.budjikoutdoors.com.au
Social Login Pro Extension for Magento 2
"Plumrocket has a great walk through for setting up the plugin and importantly for setting up the social API connections which are complex. It works great and has lots of options. Recommended to increase customer account creation!"
Jacob Chatterton
I'm using it on: pondsmag2dev.ca
Private Sales & Flash Sales Magento Extension
"I couldn't find anybody in the UK to develop for me a Private Sales website at a descent price so the Private Sales Script from Plumrocket was perfect for me as with few little adjustments enable me to launch my website without paying a fortune. Great value for Mon..."
Alexandra de Faucigny
I'm using it on: www.tendredeal.co.uk
Estimated Delivery Date Magento Extension
"This extension is a good choice for show the estimated delivery date. In my store I only use it in the shopping cart, but it is possible to use in different pages. Easy to install and excellent tecnical support !"
Daniel Belisário Ganciar
I'm using it on: www.pandas.com.br
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