Size Chart Extension for Magento 2

version #2.2.6
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Magento 2 size chart allows creating product charts with pictures, presentation in the way of popups, or directly on page. Magento 2 size attribute addon lets you engage with more customers by improving your product pages.

  • Use flexible display rules to show any size chart table

  • Create positive user experience by visually attractive content

  • Assign size charts to an individual product, or to a category

  • CE: 2.1 - 2.2
    EE: 2.1 - 2.2
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates
  • CE: 2.1 - 2.2
    EE: 2.1 - 2.2
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates

Key Features of Size Chart Extension for Magento 2

This Magento 2 size chart popup is an efficient tool allowing both store admins and visitors to the site enjoy its simplicity and reliability. With this extension you will be able to easily create unique size charts either for each product separately or for the whole category of products. Site admin can also configure Magento 2 size attribute to be inherited from a parent category by the one of the lower level. The size chart will be displayed on store product pages as a popup or as part of the product page content. Using the visual HTML editor you can also add custom charts, which makes this Magento 2 size extension a really easy-to-use tool providing exceptional possibilities.

Perfect Solution for Any Product Type

  • Compatible with all Magento 2 product types.
  • Display size charts for clothing, jewelry, shoes, home, eyewear, pets, international size conversion charts, etc. - This Magento 2 extension will fit them all!

Choose Your Size Chart Layout

  • Depending on your magento store design you can incorporate product Size Chart in form of Popup window or inside of product page content.
  • Switch size chart style at any time, use different layouts for different products - it’s that easy!

Unlimited Size Charts for Categories or Individual Products

  • Assign specific size charts for each category separately or inherit size charts from parent category.
  • Flexible configuration allows to create unique size charts for each individual product.

Flexible Display Rules

  • Advanced users can create flexible Display Rules and show size chart based on product attributes.
  • Size Chart Display Rules can override catalog and product settings and replace all other size charts inherited or defined on catalog or product level.

Create Visually Attractive Content

  • Be creative! Use built-in visual HTML editor to create cool looking size charts for your store.
  • Insert pictures, tables & videos, change colors & styles to make unique look and help your customer better choose the right product.

Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento 2 themes

  • Magento 2 Size Chart was designed to work flawlessly on any third party magento 2 theme. Whether it is your own custom theme or popular theme like Ultimo, Shopper, Fortis, etc. – it supports them all.
  • Compatible with Community and Enterprise Editions of Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform.

Size Chart Extension for Magento 2 Overview

All Features:

  • NEW! Added ability to customize design of the "Size Chart" button
  • Create unique size charts for each product separately
  • Admin can also specify one Size Chart for a whole category of products
  • Size chart display rules allow you to show a size chart based on product attributes
  • Categories of lower level can inherit Size Charts from parent categories
  • Two display methods are available for size charts: inside the product page content or in a popup window
  • Easily add any custom size chart using visual HTML editor. This includes size tables, pictures, videos, etc
  • Magento size chart popup will be displayed on your store product pages
  • 100% open code Magento 2 extension

Size Chart Extension for Magento 2 Reviews

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  • Good extension!
    Aldis Abolins posted on August 09, 2018. Review for Magento 2.x
    Good extension and very easy to use! It is possible to create different languages. If you still have doubts, I would definitely recommend this extension.
  • Good size chart extension
    I'm using it on:
    shop makeups posted on April 21, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    This size chart extension is really well thought and it works like a charm out of the box. It has many ways to assign the chart toproducts. Again, keep up the good work Plumrocket!
  • Great sizing chart module
    I'm using it on:
    Luncanu Vlad posted on March 18, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    Good module with good support. i was very pleased to see that it was working fine.
  • Stable to work
    I'm using it on:
    Noriyuki Kobayashi posted on January 07, 2018. Review for Magento 2.x
    Yes, Plumricket Size Chart extension is really working very fine!
    I've tried another size chart before, but it did not display properly.
    Thanks to your update, I was able to upgrade my website from M1 to M2.

  • Best Size Chart For Magento 2
    I'm using it on:
    Dominik Łoboda posted on November 08, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    High level of customization, based on blocks, even able to quickly synchronize with internal software using bps tools.
    This is what I needed. Recomend for every shop with clothes or shoes, but not only.
  • Actually useful extension
    I'm using it on:
    Egor Ovcharenko posted on October 31, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Works as advertised, excellent support, recommended. Worked well in our case so we were able to provide customers with size charts for our products - clothes and shoes.
  • Professional look and feel
    I'm using it on:
    Kimmo Helle posted on October 05, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    This extension was super easy to use - a true click & play experience. It also looks very, very professional - just like what the big boys use. Thanks!
  • Works terrific
    I'm using it on:
    Marc Maas posted on August 28, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    Smooth installation and simple to configure and use.
    After installation you can quick add this size charts to you products.
    With the HTML editor you can simply style the Charts.
  • Great Module and Worked First Time
    I'm using it on:,
    Andrew Rich posted on July 10, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Hi All
    We had been selling one brand of apparel and not doing our sizing very well then went to list another brand. The brands used different sizing systems and we wanted some size charts available without taking item description space but be available in the product so they didn't click away.
    We tried a few other "cheaper" modules but none quite met out requirements. So using the "get what you pay for" principle we purchased this size chart module from Plumrocket and it worked perfectly.

    We have different brand and gender size charts which appear with the appropriate products. Using their "table class" name formats the tables nicely.

    We use with a very popular template and have had no integration issues.

    I recommend this product highly to anyone looking for this solution. Or perhaps I shouldn't, if you don't use this product then I will sell more ;)

  • Easy!
    Rodiney Moraes posted on July 09, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Ufa! Now I only make one size chart of the store's clothes and apply it to an entire category. When I need to change, I only need to change in 1 place. I use 25 measurement tables. It is great with pictures, links and more.
  • awesome
    I'm using it on:
    ADITYA SINGH posted on July 04, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Install and see the magic.....i was amazed with the kind of services and products provided by plumrocket so far and sastisfied too..thanks you so much such an amazing oproduct
  • Great plugin
    I'm using it on:
    Michail Liontakis posted on May 28, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Easy to setup, It has lots of features to add, and looks really nice and professional.
    Great support by the staff, i had a small issue and the support helped me right away.
  • Just what i was looking for to showcase my apparel sizes
    I'm using it on:,
    Lucyanne Ndungu posted on May 22, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    Worked out of the box. Easy interface to use at the back end to tweak the design and content according to your eCommerce. User experience friendly too. love it.
  • Great Extension - Amazing Support
    I'm using it on:
    Andreas Zaralis posted on April 07, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    The extension works as described with no issues at all. Whenever i needed the help of the Plumrocket team, they answered super fast and of course gave me a solution!

    Great extension - great dev team!
  • A must have for any Magento clothing store!!
    I'm using it on:
    Lana Solange posted on March 17, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    I gave this extension five stars because it was worth buying!!I The web designer had trouble installing it so I contacted Plumrocket. Plumrocket was very quick to respond and to install the extension for me!! Customers service was exceptional!! I am definitely going to buy this extension for all my other Magento clothing shops. I would recommend Size Chart Magento Extension to everyone who has a clothing store!
  • Great Support
    I'm using it on:,
    Andreas Frenzel posted on March 07, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Hi I can recommend the ext. It works well! Instalation is very easy. After short config we could start. It helps our customers to find correct size.
    We like it very much!
  • Easy To use
    I'm using it on:
    Calum Roberts posted on December 26, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    A valuable extension for your store if you sell clothes or footwear, we have some slippers and we needed an easy way to let the customer know what the sizes were.

    Easy to install and setup, with two ways to show the customer how to see the chart.

    Thank you
  • Wonderful Service! Reliable and Super fast.
    I'm using it on:
    Abdul Shukkur posted on December 08, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Wonderful Service! Reliable and Super fast.
    I was extremely happy the way I got support from the team!
    I recommend this company to those who wants to customize their store with advanced features and save a lot of money for less price.
    I will be using Plumrocket service again!

    Thanks for being so super fast and giving the right solution as we wanted.

    Great! and just loved it.
  • Excellent extension
    I'm using it on:
    Prabakaran Ramiah posted on November 23, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Excellent extension, works as described and expected. One of the great things we encountered with Plumrocket extensions is they will work perfectly once the installation is complete, no need to fix anything.
  • Easy & Helpful
    Lynn Leech posted on September 30, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Works great on v1.9.2.
    Really fast answers via Plumrocket chat line
  • Great Extension, Great support
    Faten Hodroge posted on August 23, 2016. Review for Magento 2.x
    We were able to incorporate the extension on the product page the way we wanted. Support was excellent. We had a challenging set up with multi language and multi store, and support team has adjusted the extension to allow store view option, so we can have different sizing charts on different website, particularly valuable for multi language webstore set up.
    Looking forward to the ability to multi-select on General rules selection and Store view.
  • Good extension for Upsell
    Jean Roger Mably posted on August 19, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    It is important to guide customer during his experience. And Size Chart allowed for each categories is very wonderful.
  • Easier for customers to navigate
    I'm using it on:
    Kelwin Chandra posted on May 14, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Rather than manually copy pasting the size measurements table for each product, this feature help to simplifies the manual work with just a single button.

    Great for vendor as it increases efficiency of work and great for customers because it make the pages neater.
  • Everything works great
    I'm using it on:
    John Jacques posted on February 06, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    We bought this extension because we needed different size scales for different products and we wanted them positioned on the page a certain way. SO we paid a few bucks more for the instal and tech support and the team at Plumrocket did excellent work and they did it quickly. When we first got it back from them, we went back and told them we needed additional changes and they did those changes quickly and very efficiently. It was a very pleasant experience and now when I am looking for a Magento extension, I always look to see what these guys have before looking anywhere else. I give 5 stars without hesitation.
  • Very Good and Highly Recommended
    I'm using it on:
    Jono Law posted on December 02, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Bought this extension and yeah it is a very good extensions.
    Very useful in our e-commerce platform as you allow customers to view the chart size and it appears at the front-end of every products without you having to redirect customer to another new page.
    Yes! I do recommend this extension.
  • Size chart + online retail. Best match!
    I'm using it on:
    Fernando Martínez posted on November 30, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    A must have, speaking of fashion retail! Works out of the box with great solid open source for a great tweaking to match all aspect off your theme and styles! Happiest customer ever looking forward to keep scaling projects with Plumrockets amazing extensions and support. Thank you!
  • simple and good extension
    I'm using it on:
    Jerome FC posted on November 16, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    very useful and easy to use extension.
    Simple and efficient configuration
  • Satisfaction
    I'm using it on:
    xue zhu posted on November 09, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Plug design is very good, its function is perfect. I am very satisfied.
  • Great extension
    I'm using it on:
    Caroline Jambo posted on October 18, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Great for product sizing and great extension love it
  • Perfect!
    I'm using it on:
    Ilias Casteas posted on October 14, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Very easy to integrate in the Shop, absolute easy to configure. The possibility to create different size charts for different type of clothes and companies and set size charts automatical for a category helps on a perfect way. It looks very fine and is absolute usefull: A+++++
  • Easy install, Nice script
    I'm using it on:
    Asif Siddiqui posted on October 01, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Very good addon I have seen, very easy to install, just upload & done.

    Work as describe, highly recommended.
  • Great extension...
    I'm using it on:
    Jerome FC posted on September 27, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Very easy to install , great extension
    Highly recommended
  • Superb And Excellent , This is a Life saver. A+++
    I'm using it on:
    Prabath Sujeewa posted on August 22, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Very easy to install , No brainier
    You can create customised size chart for each category or individual product .This save me lot of time,
    i would pay double the price for this extension.
    Thanks for your great service .
    Highly recommended .
  • Best Size Chart Extension EVER
    I'm using it on:
    Steven Jackson posted on August 06, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Besides the amazing support the team provides, this extension has run flawlessly on 6 stores over 2 magento installations. They have been very quick to solve any problems I have.

    The option for a full HTML area and replaceable "size chart" button makes this extension so much more powerful.

    Thanks again!
  • Great extension !!!
    I'm using it on:
    Ivan Stoev posted on July 24, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Perfect solution, easy to implement very useful.

    Thanks for the great service!
  • Awesone plugin and support
    I'm using it on:
    Ramim Hossain posted on June 30, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Awesome Support, Does what it promises.
  • Perfect Solution
    I'm using it on:
    Mike Reid posted on February 25, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    We have a Movie and TV website that sells thousands of t-shirts, we wanted to be able to offer a size guide based on the manufacturer as they vary from one to another.
    This was the perfect solution, easy to implement and to style for our theme.
  • Great extension and excellent service
    clyde vellacott posted on February 18, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Nice and easy to install, set up and use. I did have a problem positioning my chart button but it was soon fixed by the excellent support. Don't hesitate to buy this extension for your website!
  • Good customizable module
    Bronisław Grynich posted on December 13, 2014. Review for Magento 1.x
    Nice and neat extension. The way of how it looks like and where it displays can be easily customized. It gives me no more trouble creating custom charts. Regards to developers!
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Size Chart Extension for Magento 2 FAQ

Change Log of Size Chart Extension for Magento 2

Legend:  - new feature - bug fix

v2.2.6 - 13 Mar, 2018

  • Added possibility for admin to include the widgets and static blocks into the size chart content
  • Fixed bug with "areaCode" during installation

v2.2.5 - 21 Nov, 2017

  • Improved extension's upgrade process from Magento 2.1.x to Magento 2.2.x

v2.2.4 - 09 Oct, 2017

  • Added support of Magento 2.2 (CE and EE versions)
  • Optimized size chart extension images

v2.2.3 - 28 Jun, 2017

  • Made code style improvements
  • Fixed bug with size chart view on the frontend in single store mode

v2.2.2 - 27 Apr, 2017

  • Improved Size Chart extension, now admin can size charts to multiple store views at the same time

v2.2.1 - 21 Nov, 2016

  • Relocated Size Chart button closer to size options on product page

v2.2.0 - 07 Oct, 2016

  • Added ability to customize design of "Size Chart" button

v2.1.2 - 18 Aug, 2016

  • Added "Store View" selection option to each size chart independently

v2.1.1 - 12 Jul, 2016

  • Added support of Magento v2.1.0
  • Improved size chart selection logic while assigning size chart to the categories

v2.1.0 - 03 Jun, 2016

  • Added Display Rules allowing to show size chart based on product attributes

v2.0.0 - 06 Jan, 2016

  • Created Size Chart Extension for Magento 2