Reward Points Extension for Magento

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Reward Points magento module comprises an easy-to-use magento rewards program. With this extension users will be able to earn rewards for registrations, reviews, purchases, referring a friend who makes his first purchase or get them as a gift from store owner.
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Reward Points Magento Extension

Overview of Reward Points Extension for Magento

Reward Points Magento Extension provides magento site owners with several options of awarding points. A customer can earn rewards after he gets registered at your store or invites friends. This plugin complements the Invitations Magento Extension making the process of referring a friend from address books or social networks pleasant and worthwhile. The reward points will be awarded after the referral makes his first purchase. This Rewards Program Magento Extension also allows adding extra points to users' accounts manually to encourage the most active customers, etc. The customers will be able to use their reward points in the shopping carts.


  • NEW! Reward points can be calculated based on order subtotal including or excluding taxes
  • NEW! Admin can specify amount of additional reward points earned for purchase of each individual product
  • Customers can earn reward points for registrations, on purchases and for each approved product review
  • Customers can earn rewards after their friends make their first purchase (Requires Magento Invitations extension)
  • Customers can earn reward points for referring a friend who registers new account (Requires Magento Invitations extension)
  • Admin can disable points redemption for specific products
  • Admin can disable simultaneous usage of both reward points and coupon codes in shopping cart
  • Admin can define which customers will earn reward points for registration.
  • Admin can add and preview customer's reward points in "Edit Customer" section of Magento Admin Panel
  • Define points redemption and earning rate, allowing to specify the amount of points equal to your currency.
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi language support
  • Reward points are returned after the full or partial order refund
  • Reward points can be redeemed (or canceled) in shopping cart
  • Customer can see full reward points usage history in his store account
  • Admin can apply reward points while creating order for customer in Magento backend
  • Admin can award reward points as a gift to a client
  • Admin can manage customers' points and view points history
  • Admin can set reward points amount to be awarded for invitations and registrations as well as minimum and maximum redeemable reward balance at shopping cart
  • 100% open code magento extension