Magento Loyalty Program Package

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Magento Loyalty Program Package is a superb combination of the two most popular Plumrocket extensions aimed at increasing customer loyalty. From this time on Reward Points Magento Extension and Invitations Magento Extenion are united into Magento Loyalty Program Package.

Included Extensions:
  • Invitations   +$80.10
  • Reward Points   +$80.10
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Support & Updates Period:

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Magento Loyalty Program Package

Overview of Magento Loyalty Program Package

Magento Loyalty Program Package is a unique offer from Plumrocket Inc. comprising a proven tool to increase customer loyalty. Based on magento referral program and loyalty points' magento system it is one of the most efficient methods to boost conversion rates and increase sales. This package will let you build win-win relations with your customers: your registered clients will earn rewards points if they refer a friend, and your online store will win if your customers' friends become your loyal buyers.


This magento package consists of two loyalty program extensions, such as: