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version #1.2.0
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Magento Facebook Like Discount module will reward your customers with a discount for a Facebook like of any page you want to promote. Once the “Like” button is clicked - the customers will receive an automatic discount for their order.

  • Discount for “like” offered in shopping cart increases customers loyalty.

  • The discount amount is automatically converted into customers local currency.

  • Specify any custom URL that should receive "Like" by customers

  • CE: 1.6.x - 1.9.x
    EE: 1.12.x - 1.14.x
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates
  • CE: 1.6.x - 1.9.x
    EE: 1.12.x - 1.14.x
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates

Magento Facebook Like Discount Overview

Facebook Like Discount extension is an easy yet valuable way for your customers to get a discount at your Magento store. Set up the Facebook application, indicate the intended Magento store page URL or Facebook page, and you're ready to earn more Facebook "likes". The Facebook discount extension serves multiple purposes - from increasing your Facebook Fan page Likes (or any page at all), making your customers benefit from precious savings, to bringing more attention to your business, thus increasing the website ratings.


  • Display the Facebook Like button with Banner ad on Magento Shopping Cart page
  • Admin can specify any website URL that should receive a "Like" by customers (including Facebook fan pages, website page or any other URL)
  • Apply discount to shopping cart subtotal automatically after customer clicks on the Facebook Like button
  • The discount amount supports multi-currency and will be automatically converted into the customer’s local currency
  • Registered customers and guest visitors can receive the discount only once
  • This Magento extension prevents unfair use of multiple discounts, by limiting their number to one (1) per registered customer or guest visitor
  • Custom "thank you" message will be displayed right after the visitor clicks on the "Facebook Like" button. Admin can notify them about the discount amount applied or any other additional promotion
  • 100% open code Magento 1 extension

Magento Facebook Like Discount Reviews

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  • Highly recommended!
    I'm using it on: beaute-me.com
    admin admin posted on December 20, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    Best Extension and easy to install. This is a very nice add-on and very useful if you want to increase the Facebook's like.

    Their support teams are very nice and very helpful.
  • Perfect Extension
    I'm using it on: www.giftandpaper.com, giftandpaper.com
    Vinod Vullikanti posted on June 01, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    This extension is super cool. The design is very professional. We improved likes for our page. Thank you Plumrocket team for the great support provided!
  • Great Extension For Boosting Any Business
    king king posted on October 13, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    This is really an amazing extension which can increase your revenue and facebook visitors also.
    Recommended for those who want to increase the facebook likes in a very short period.
  • Increase in Facebook likes seen
    I'm using it on: www.budjik.com, www.budjikoutdoors.com.au
    Andrew Rich posted on October 08, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    With social media being a critical part of the strategy to grow your online business this simple concept has given us a simple hook to catch more likes. We have seen an increase so it is worth spending a few minutes to install.

    It has integrated to the checkout process nicely, documentation was good.

    Improvements: I'm wondering if we would catch more likes if it were in the shopping cart rather than the checkout. On a mobile device the browser is opened for Facebook rather than the "App" which I'm not sure is easy to get around.

    All in all very happy with this extension.
  • Great module!
    Emil S. Curtis posted on August 07, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    I bought this module for my clients multistore, and they are very happy with it. Setting the plugin is as easy as A, B, C - I can set the discount amount in the required currency of my store, and customize the 'Thank you' message. I also like its responsive design, it is really flawless. The price for such a nice module is just great! As a developer I will definitely recommend it!
  • It really works!
    I'm using it on: www.rsci.com
    David Radovanovic posted on June 19, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Increase social engagement while offering your customers a discount on their purchases. We have noticed an uptick in FaceBook likes that come directly from purchases almost immediately after installation.
  • A great way to build likes
    I'm using it on: www.responderpse.com
    Michael Netherton posted on June 11, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    I purchased several extensions from Plumrocket, this being one of them. This is a great way to generate facebook likes that is economic. $2 is not a lot in today's world, but when someone is shopping, a lot of people will see it as a very simple way of saving two dollars and we then build up thousands of likes.

    The main thing that has struck me is how responsive the developers are in handling any issues that may come up. That alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Great and Simple Extension
    Julian Köhn posted on February 27, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Hot Marketing Extension and easy to Install.

    If you modified your Checkout just check the Ultimo example (included) to integrate it into your Checkout/Cart Page.

    It's really simple.
  • Great for facebook marketing.
    I'm using it on: gadgetsplaza.nl
    Dani Mulder posted on January 02, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    I like the extension, its a good way for the facebook marketing.
    And what i also like from the extension, that the amount instantly goes off from the price!
  • Superb Extension
    I'm using it on: www.bed-wet.com
    TIREL TIREL posted on October 16, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    As always, this is a very nice add-ons. Very useful if you want to increase the facebook's like. The design is very professional.
  • I'm totally satisfied with this tool
    Jay Snyder posted on September 30, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Good easy extension and awesome support. I had a couple of questions and manager from their support service answered them all. Haven't found better support than this one. My recommendations!
  • Great extension!!!
    Nicolas Benavidez posted on September 14, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    We have recently bought this module and we are totally happy with it. There is nothing more easy than configuring and managing it. It works as described.
  • Good Social Discount extension
    lubo todorov posted on September 07, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Good social media discount extension. Have a nice interface and easy documentation. 10x
  • bonne application
    Jean Roger Mably posted on August 02, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Testez ce module magento. Vraiment excellent pour facebook
  • Easy to use extension
    Herman Mendoza posted on May 16, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Handy and useful extension. Our customers are satisfied with their additional discount. Thank you Plumrocket team for the support provided!
  • It works
    Alfredo Parks posted on February 19, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    The extension works great. For the first week of use I've already gathered 45 likes of my Facebook fan page.
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Magento Facebook Like Discount FAQ

Change Log of Magento Facebook Like Discount

Legend:  - new feature - bug fix

v1.2.0 - 27 Aug, 2018

  • Added a possibility to enable Facebook events instead of Facebook webhooks

v1.1.1 - 18 Jun, 2018

  • Updated jQuery version from 1.10.2 to 1.12.4

v1.1.0 - 30 Nov, 2017

  • Added new Facebook API v2.11 based on Webhooks
  • Added "Percent of product price" discount option to discount type selection
  • Minor code changes

v1.0.3 - 21 Feb, 2017

  • Added out of the box support for Ultimo theme
  • Updated Facebook SDK JavaScript

v1.0.2 - 18 Oct, 2016

  • Added locale file, allowing admin translate the extension texts

v1.0.1 - 18 Mar, 2016

  • Added compatibility with Plumrocket Ajax Cart Extension on the shopping cart page
  • Fixed bug with currency display

v1.0.0 - 26 Jan, 2016

  • Created Facebook Discount Magento Extension