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Rss Feed Generator Magento Extension

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Magento Rss Feed Generator is an RSS module that allows creating custom magento product feeds. This magento xml feed extension will improve your magento site search rankings and drive more traffic from rss readers, price comparison websites, and deal aggregators. All in all, you will see an increase of sales if you use our RSS Feed Generator Magento Extension.

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Magento Community 1.6.x -1.8.x Single Domain License

Rss Feed Generator Magento Extension


Magento Rss Feed Generator Overview

The Magento RSS Feed Generator allows you to easily create custom RSS feeds for your products, categories, and orders. This extension will help any magento store owner increase sales, traditional search engine rankings, improve engagement and improve online visibility by driving more traffic from rss readers, price comparison websites, directories and deal aggregators. You can define custom RSS format, create unlimited number of RSS feeds and generate new feeds each time someone requests it. Magento RSS Feed Generator from Plumrocket will help you reach new target audiences through syndication, communicate with customers or potential customers, share your products on popular RSS apps for Android & iOS or simply upload your deals on any daily deal website.


  • Admin can create unlimited number of Data Feeds in Magento backend
  • NEW! Select ready-made data feed template or build your own from scratch using "blank document" template. Currently available following data feed templates: AvantLink Data Feed, Yipit Data Feed, HasOffers Data Feed, Post Affiliate Pro Data Feed, Commission Junction Data Feed and more.
  • NEW! Multi Store & Multi-Language Support
  • NEW! Admin can define cache lifetime to cache data feeds
  • NEW! Simple and intelligent data feed tags autocomplete functionality speeds up writing the code in visual template editor.
  • Data Feed options are "name", "url key", "number of items in feed", "cache lifetime", "store view" and "data feed type" (products or catalogs)
  • The visual Data Feed template editor allows to create any custom Data Feed for your store
  • There are more than 50 custom tags available to describe rss, xml and csv document, catalogs and products

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Magento Rss Feed Generator FAQ

Magento Rss Feed Generator Change Log

Legend:    - new feature    - bug fix

v1.4.0 - 11 Nov, 2013

  • Modified the "Template Editor" tab.
  • Added options "Disable", "Delete", "Clear Cache" on the feed list page.
  • Added templates option allowing to quickly create a new feed. Sample templates were included in module installation package for several internet services. Templates are loaded via the AJAX method.
  • Added automatic feed format recognition. The module now supports .rss, .xml, .atom and .csv formats.
  • Automatic generation of HTTP title tags based on the feed format.
  • Added option to enable/disable feed on a particular Store/Store View.
  • Feed URLs are now unique. If a user creates a new feed using a URL that already exists, suffix "_re" will be added to the new URL.
  • Feed caching mechanism is added. Site admin can set specific cache lifetime or disable cache.
  • Added ability to erase cache for specific data feed. Cache is also automatically cleared after the data feed settings are updated.
  • Added support of child elements for configurable and grouped products including the support of the complete list of their attributes. Added corresponding description tags of child elements.
  • Fixed the .url and .open_url tags that are now available only if there is Plumrocket Url Manager installed in the system.
  • Deleted tags {product.category_name}, {product.no_html_description}.
  • Added Plumrocket Shop by Brand support. If this module is installed new tags will be available.
  • Added tags {no_br}, {no_html}, {no_quotes} for display filter.
  • Added support of magento attribute values such as color, size and other.
  • Values are automatically wrapped in .csv files. Escaping of already existing quotes is added.
  • Specific fields are automatically wrapped in cdata tags in .xml, .rss and .atom formats.
  • Added auto-suggestion tool in data feed visual editor which suggests all attributes available for use.
  • Automatically checking for available child elements at the cursor position.

v1.3.1 - 25 Jul, 2013

  • Added new tag: no_html_description
  • Removed blank line between rss page header and items list

v1.3.0 - 24 Jun, 2013

  • 99% of the extension code is now Open Source
  • Added license information in all extension files
  • Added extension name in global configuration file
  • After the installation the extension is disabled by default allowing the site owner to enable extension when necessary and not when it is installed

v1.2.6 - 05 Apr, 2013

  • Added option to enable / disable extension from magento backend
  • RSS Feed Generator menu item is moved under Plumrocket section in Magento Configuration

v1.2.5 - 05 Apr, 2013

  • Fixed bug with the inactive categories

v1.2.4 - 09 Jan, 2013

  • Added header tag support for categories
  • Dynamic address mapping in visual editor interface of the feed
  • Added custom output of items number in rss feed list
  • Enlarged comments area

v1.0.0 - 23 Nov, 2012

  • Created Rss Feed Generator Magento Extension