Private Sales Magento Extension

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Magento Private Sales Extension will convert your store into member's only shopping club. This magento membership extension will help you quickly and easily launch a private sales, sample sale or flash sale store. It is an easy to configure private sales extension that is totally compatible with other magento extensions from Plumrocket.
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Private Sales Magento Extension

Magento Private Sales Overview

If you are looking for modern and sophisticated software to create a private sales site, opt for this Magento Private Sales Extension. The extension comprises a wide range of useful features for you to benefit from the latest e-commerce solutions. Plumrocket Private Sales Extension will convert your store into a Membership Website featuring special events, password access to site features, fully configurable splash page with rotating background pictures and launching soon mode, dynamic shops, sales preview, multi-home page layout editor and an integrated banner management system. This sample sales script doesnt require any additional extension to work properly, however in order to to get the best possible results it is recommended to install our full solution - Plumrocket Private Sales Script where Plumrocket Private Sales Extension is included.


  • NEW! Multi-store, multi-currency and multi language support
  • NEW! Private Sales Event Search
  • Events (Private sales, Sample sales, Flash Sales, Daily deals and Limited time offers)
  • "Launching Soon" Store Mode allows you to to open store for registrations to collect memberships before the website is open.
  • Countdown counter for website on Category & Product pages
  • Enable / disable Splash Page & Home Page
  • Rotating background pictures on Splash Page
  • Enable / disable user login & registrations on Splash Page
  • Events Tree (Current, Upcoming and Ended Sales)
  • Multiple home pages displaying different events
  • Gender Specific Home Pages
  • Home Page visual layout editor for events
  • Meta Information editor for Splash Page & Home Pages
  • Integrated banner system
  • Ability to preview upcoming sales in front-end by store admin
  • Stock quantity alert number
  • Shopping Cart default shipping methods
  • Full Support of Plumrocket Magento Private Sales themes for desktop and mobile
  • Full Support of all Plumrocket Private Sales related extensions
  • 100% open source magento extension

Magento Private Sales Change Log

Legend:    - new feature    - bug fix

v2.4.2 - 10 Feb, 2015

  • 100% of the extension code is now Open Source
  • Added ability to disable Private Sales on different stores and websites
  • Minor code changes

v2.4.0 - 18 Jun, 2014

  • Added new feature "Newsletter Template Generator".
  • Added active homepage cache.
  • Fixed default shipping method setting in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed bug with enabling Preview Mode if Store Code is added to URLs.
  • Added Magento CE 1.9 support.

v2.3.2 - 03 Feb, 2014

  • Magento sessions are no longer required to be saved in the database for Private Sales Preview Mode to work. This feature can provide greater flexibility for all store owner in terms of speed and scalability.
  • When Private sales store is in "Coming Soon Mode" (client logins are disabled), site admin can still login in front-end if Preview Mode is used from magento backend.

v2.3.1 - 26 Dec, 2013

  • Fixed configurable product count issue on product list page in Magento CE 1.8
  • Fixed login form issue in Magento CE 1.8.1
  • Fixed bug in Boutique Preview mode not working via https

v2.3.0 - 19 Nov, 2013

  • Added Magento CE 1.8 support
  • Added Multi Store View support
  • Added Private Sales Event Search.
  • Unnecessary options are now disabled when Ending Soon section is selected in Home Page visual layout editor.
  • Fixed Preview Mode display issues on htpps pages
  • Fixed customer gender option on splash page

v2.2.2 - 21 Oct, 2013

  • Fixed product sorting on the search page.
  • Optimized the loading of product catalogs for catalog filters.
  • Optimized the loading of products on the Category configuration page in the Admin Panel - when the option Single Product Boutique is selected

v2.2.1 - 09 Oct, 2013

  • Product search support added

v2.2.0 - 24 Jun, 2013

  • Added option to enable / disable extension from magento backend
  • 99% of the extension code is now Open Source
  • Added option to disable js and css files when extension is disabled from magento backend
  • Private Sales Extension menu item is moved under Plumrocket section in Magento Configuration
  • Added extension name in global configuration file

v2.1.9 - 17 Apr, 2013

  • Fixed a bug for non-existent product pages which generated 404 error
  • Active Homepage became available on all boutiques pages and not only on "group of boutiques" categories
  • Added default magento registration form template

v2.1.8 - 04 Mar, 2013

  • Fixed a bug with the formation of the path to the Magento installation, where /index.php/ was included in the site URL
  • Fixed a bug with breadcrumb addresses on Magento CE 1.7.2

v2.1.6 - 12 Feb, 2013

  • Sales are now excluded from the main menu if they are listed under Ending Soon section

v2.1.5 - 05 Feb, 2013

  • Javascript countdown wasn't working in updated Google Chrome browsers

v2.1.4 - 16 Jan, 2013

  • Removed breadcrumbs for "group of boutiques" categories
  • Bug Fix when Magento was installed in sub-directories

v2.0.0 - 01 Aug, 2012

  • Created private sales extension v2.0