Magento Extension Installation Service

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Magento Extension Installation Service was designed to help you launch your Plumrocket Magento Extension as soon as possible. It is the best solution for those who do not know how to correctly install the script and extensions, or simply do not have enough time to learn the installation and configuration tips.


Magento Extension Installation Service

Overview of Magento Extension Installation Service

Magento Extension Installation Service is aimed at preventing all possible installation problems our customers may face when trying to install the Plumrocket magento extensions, magento themes and magento solutions. For your store to be a success all extensions must function properly from the start. We will install the extension(s) you choose and test them in your environment. Our experts can also install and test any Magento theme you like.

Feel free to ask us any questions before ordering this service.

Magento Extension Installation Service Includes:

  • Installation of one Plumrocket Inc Magento Extension, Magento Solution, or Magento theme
  • Installation in one Magento environment (on one domain or subdomain only)
  • Testing its functionality in your environment

Please note that magento installation service does not include: extension configurations, template changes, modifications of client code, data entry and data management, re-installation or upgrades, Magento CE installation. These services and Installation of third party extensions can be requested separately. Please contact our sales department for a free quote.

After your order is submitted you should receive an automated email message requesting your web server credentials for installation purposes.