Data Feed Generator Extension for Magento 2

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Create custom magento product feeds for affiliate networks, rss readers, price comparison websites, and deal aggregators with the help of Magento 2 Data Feed Generator. This magento 2 extension also comes with a number of built-in affiliate data feed templates including CJ, LinkShare, ShareASale, HasOffers and 15 more.

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Overview of Data Feed Generator Extension for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Data Feed Generator allows you to easily create custom datafeeds for your products and categories. This extension will help any magento 2 store owner increase sales, traditional search engine rankings, improve engagement and improve online visibility by driving more traffic from rss readers, affiliate networks, price comparison websites, directories and deal aggregators. You can define custom data format, create unlimited number of data feeds and generate new feeds each time someone requests it. Magento 2 Data Feed Manager from Plumrocket will help you reach new target audiences through syndication, communicate with customers or potential customers, share your products on popular RSS apps for Android & iOS and generate Google AdWords dynamic remarketing feed for your dynamic display ads. You will be able to participate in popular affiliate programs by uploading your product data feeds or simply upload your deals on any daily deal website. It also allows you to easily export products from your magento 2 backend by creating magento xml feed.


  • NEW!Magento 2 CE & EE version was released
  • Admin can create unlimited number of data feeds in Magento backend
  • Use built-in datafeed templates or build your own from scratch using "blank document" template. Currently available following data feed templates: Linkshare Data Feed, ShareASale Data Feed, AvantLink Data Feed, Yipit Data Feed, HasOffers Data Feed, Post Affiliate Pro Data Feed, Commission Junction Data Feed, Affiliate Window, eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting, TradeDoubler, Zanox, Webgains, Performance Horizon, Impact Radius and LinkConnector and more.
  • Supports large databases with tens of thousands of products
  • Admin can define cache lifetime to cache data feeds
  • Simple and intelligent data feed tags auto-complete functionality speeds up writing the code in visual template editor.
  • The visual Data Feed template editor allows to create any custom data feed for your store
  • There are more than 50 custom tags available to describe rss, xml and csv document, catalogs and products
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Affiliate Programs extension to trigger affiliate pixels for CPS and CPL program types. Datafeed Extension is also available for purchase as part of Magento Affiliate Pro Package.
  • Automatic datafeed caching
  • Multi Store & Multi-Language Support
  • 100% open code magento 2 extension

List of included Data Feed Templates:

Magento 2 Affiliate Window Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 AvantLink Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Commission Junction Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 eBay Enterprise Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 HasOffers Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Impact Radius Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Linkconnector Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Rakuten LinkShare Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Performance Horizon Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Post Affiliate Pro Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 ShareASale Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Webgains Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Yipit Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 Zanox Datafeed Extension
Magento 2 TradeDoubler Datafeed Extension
Supported systems:
  • Affiliate Window Data Feed (affiliatewindow.com)
  • AvantLink Data Feed (avantlink.com)
  • Affiliate by Conversant / Commission Junction Data Feed (cj.com)
  • eBay Enterprise Data Feed (formerly PepperJam Exchange, pepperjamnetwork.com)
  • eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting Data Feed (formerly Fetchback, fetchback.com)
  • HasOffers Data Feed (hasoffers.com)
  • ImpactRadius Data Feed (impactradius.com)
  • Linkconnector Data Feed (linkconnector.com)
  • LinkShare Data Feed (linkshare.com)
  • PerfomanceHorizon Data Feed (performancehorizon.com)
  • Post Affiliate Pro Data Feed (postaffiliatepro.com)
  • ShareASale Data Feed (shareasale.com)
  • Webgains Data Feed (webgains.com)
  • Yipit Daily Deal Aggregator Data Feed (yipit.com)
  • TradeDoubler Data Feed (tradedoubler.com)
  • Zanox Data Feed (zanox.com)
  • RSS Data Feed
  • XML Data Feed
  • CSV Data Feed

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