How to install serial keys or licenses?

Currently Plumrocket uses 2 approaches for licensing:

1. Serial Key Activation:

Once you have purchased and set up your Plumrocket Magento Extension - normally it will not require setting up the serial key, since it will be automatically pasted into the relevant field under the configuration section of the Extension. If so - you will see a green tick next to the serial key. However, if not - you will need to find your serial key and paste it manually. More information on serial key setup can be found in this Wiki Article.

2. License Installation:

If you need to use the license file for the extension you have purchased, please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this Plumrocket Wiki Article.

Please note that not all Plumrocket extensions or Magento themes require serial keys/licenses. Free Magento extensions and all Magento themes from Plumrocket Inc do not require serial key setup/license installation at all.

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