Covid-19: How to survive and thrive in times of panic and fear

Over the past few weeks, news of the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus disease, has dominated media channels. It's in your news feed, it's in your inbox, and everyone around you is likely talking about it.

But even more newsworthy than the virus itself is what has happened in reaction to it. The stock market has fallen, entire countries are on lockdown, popular events have been canceled, and millions of children are not in school. In the US, panic over rising case counts has triggered a rush on stores, so that even toilet paper shelves are empty.

Many of these behaviors are driven by one emotion: FEAR. Fear is a natural emotion that signals a potential threat to your physical or emotional safety. So how can we avoid making decisions based on fear? The most important is to ask ourselves: What am I going to focus on?

Are you unconsciously letting the media put you in a negative state and block your mind from the possible opportunities?

In these times we need to focus on the positive, we finally have a chance to spend more time with our families, start a new hobby, learn new skills, do more of what makes you happy and improve your business.

We at Plumrocket believe that this time should not be wasted. Make yourself comfortable at home and review your e-commerce business. Create a list of things that can improve your future operations or let us help to audit your eCommerce store. Recently, we have had several clients who finally got a chance to implement new features or technologies in their Magento stores. That's why we believe it's perfect timing for anyone, including yourself, to convert your ideas into a reality and focus on business improvements.

We hope this letter inspired you to move forward and focus on what can be done next. If you're ready to start making changes to your business, then see how our team can help you with the Magento store.

Our company is willing to help any business that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Just contact our support team for any assistance with our services or discount on our products. Our team will gladly help.

Additionally, during the coronavirus crisis, Plumrocket will lower rates on all Magento services to support all small and medium-size businesses around the globe.

Below is the list of services offered by our team. Contact us for special pricing.

Magento Development

Our company can help to create a new Magento store, add customizations and features to the existing stores, improve your Magento theme and templates, fix any code issues and install Magento patches.

-20% OFF on our hourly rates during the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

M1 is going away. Get ahead of the curve, plan for growth, and upgrade to Magento 2. We will help to migrate your extensions, theme, data and launch your new Magento 2 store in time.

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Magento Speed Optimization

Boost your Magento website speed significantly, enhance conversion rates, Magento performance and Google search rankings. Choose from 3 available speed optimization plans or request a free Magento performance review & server diagnostics report.

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Magento Website Audit

Make sure your site is healthy and doesn't have any critical issues. We will review your Magento store and perform code audit, security audit, performance and design adult. You will receive a full report with a list of issues and our suggestions for your ecommerce store.

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Magento Support & Maintenance

Our team will keep a close watch over your store, so you don’t need to. We will setup server monitoring with alerts, clean logs, perform daily Magento audit, check website performance, install new patches and provide priority tech support.

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Magento Monthly Development - Subscription Service

Monthly support service provides a combination of all Magento services for the best price. Dedicated team of developers will perform custom Magento development, magento speed optimization, website audit, support and more.

-20% OFF on our hourly rates during the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

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Magento Integrations

Integrate your Magento with third-party services: ERP/CRM, Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay,..), Email Marketing platforms, PIM (Product Information Management), Payment solutions, Shipping API and Social Media platforms.

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Magento Upgrade

Upgrading your Magento 2 to the latest version is always better with a team of professionals. We will draft an upgrade plan, prepare a staging environment, upgrade Magento, templates, extensions and data. After all necessary tests are performed, your Magento 2 store will be ready to go live.

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Magento Extension Development

Every business is different with custom preferences and needs. We can build custom extensions or modify existing Magento extensions to match your business requirements. With 12+ years experience in Magento extension development, we can certainly turn your ideas into reality.

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