Checkout Success Page Extension for Magento

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Professionally designed magento checkout success page helps to increase customer retention and sales. Generate special coupon codes, display marketing messages and full order info, allow guests to register account and a lot more. Awesome magento order confirmation page is a must-have for any store owner.
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Checkout Success Page Magento Extension

Key Features of Checkout Success Page Extension for Magento

Display Full Order Summary

Display Full Order Summary

  • Universal banner management tool for online businesses of any size.
  • Create and manage your own banner advertising network for any marketing campaign at your magento store.
Enable Registration on Success Page

Enable Registration on Success Page

  • Banner ads can be displayed in numerous locations, including: magento stores, blogs, email newsletters, social networks or any other website.
  • Simply copy & paste the auto-generated Ad code for your marketing campaign and start tracking clicks from all sources in one place!
Subscribe Customers to Your Magento Store Newsletter

Subscribe Customers to Your Magento Store Newsletter

  • Built-in performance comparison graphs allows to quickly analyze the efficiency of each particular marketing campaign.
  • View clicks, impressions, click-through rates (CTR) by period for each banner individually or banner group and campaign as a whole.
Display Product Recommendations

Display Product Recommendations

  • Magento Banner Pro statistics helps to run simple A/B tests (also known as split tests) and choose the most successful Campaign, Banner Group or Banner.
  • Compare performance of different banner designs, page locations or marketing channels, apply necessary changes and enjoy high results.
Show Custom or Auto-Generated Coupon Codes

Show Custom or Auto-Generated Coupon Codes

  • Supported banner types are: magento banner slider, image banner and html banner.
  • Magento banner slider allows you to display multiple image banners within the same placeholder.
New Order Confirmation Email Template

New Order Confirmation Email Template

  • Display your banner ads in a number of the built-in placeholder locations: sidebars, header, footer, product's info, etc.
  • Use auto-generated code to display banners in any custom location, such as CMS page content, theme PHTML file or any external website (wordpress blogs, drupal cms or any other website or platform).
Allow Buyers to Like and Share their Shopping Experience on Facebook or Twitter

Allow Buyers to Like and Share their Shopping Experience on Facebook or Twitter

  • Save your time with quick banner management interface that uses AJAX technology to allow saving changes without page reloads.
Change Page Design from Admin Panel

Change Page Design from Admin Panel

  • Magento banner pro was designed to work flawlessly on any third party magento theme. Whether it is your own custom theme or popular theme like Ultimo, Shopper, Fortis, etc. – it supports them all.
  • Compatible with Community and Enterprise Editions of Magento 1 Ecommerce Platform.

Overview of Checkout Success Page Extension for Magento

This highly customizable magento checkout success page module was designed to make "Thank you" page more informative and user-friendly. Each and every element, can be configured to match your specific website design. Multiple features, such as ability to share order experience via social networks, award customers with auto-generated discount codes, display cross-sells, up-sells, related products, advertise your other deals via 2 CMS blocks are available for your convenience, and a lot more. In combination, all these features make magento order confirmation page by Plumrocket Inc. a really must-have extension.


  • NEW! Admin can now choose what type of product recommendations should be used: Related Products, Up-sells, Cross-sells or Recently Viewed Products on checkout success page and Better Order Confirmation Email
  • NEW! Added Better Order Confirmation Email to replace standard magento transactional email template
  • NEW! Added ability to preview the checkout success page and better order confirmation email template from extension backend
  • NEW! Added integration with Plumrocket Reward Points extension
  • NEW! Added Facebook Business Fan Page section
  • Create better magento thank you page for your store
  • Display full order summary with shipping details on order confirmation page
  • Allow guests to register new account on checkout success page. Both registered and guest customers can subscribe to your magento store newsletter
  • Print order confirmation by guests and registered customers
  • Socially share order experience on Facebook and Twitter
  • Award custom or auto-generated coupon codes on checkout onepage success page
  • Display cross-sales products on success page
  • Admin can display custom marketing messages in two CMS blocks allowing even better customization of the checkout thank you page
  • Admin can modify link and button designs from magento back-end
  • 100% open code magento extension