Advanced Promotions Extension for Magento

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Advanced Promotions Magento Extension allows to significantly speed-up Admin's work with Shopping Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules by adding some very useful features. With this extension you can import & export rules, mass-update status or mass delete from the grid, view and search coupon codes by order number, shopping cart rules, coupon usage, etc.
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Overview of Advanced Promotions Extension for Magento

Advanced Promotions is a free magento plugin allowing admins to simplify their work with magento promotions in many ways. Some of the most useful features are - ability to create, test and export shopping cart price rules or catalog price rules from one magento instalation (like development or staging server) and import them on another magento instance (ex. production server). Each order page will include the Shopping Cart Price Rules section, showing admin the exact rules that were applied for this order. Find shopping cart rules by coupon code, order number and more.

All Features:

  • NEW! Free Magento Advanced Promotions Extension is released!
  • Import / Export / Duplicate Shopping Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules
  • Ability to Change Status or Delete Shopping Cart and Catalog Price Rules from the list view
  • View list of all (static & auto-generated) coupon codes created at your magento store
  • Filter Shopping Cart Price Rules by Order number, coupon code name, check whether coupon code was used, number of times coupon code was used and the date when the coupon code was created
  • Admin can view all shopping cart rules used on each Order Page with links to associated rules
  • 100% open code & free magento extension